Dear Future Friend,

My name is Laura, I like games, and this blog is about one game in particular, the Sims 4. I’m not the best writer, designer, or creator; but I do enjoy watching myself grow and develop using games as a medium.

My writing presently will focus on Story versions of Legacy challenges. It helps me keep myself motivated and makes me really take the time out to think ‘why’ my Sims make the choices they do. I also learn a lot. I really like fantasy but I also love realism and I feel that I will do my best to keep those two from clashing too much in a single story. I’ve never finished a Legacy Challenge as Sims 3 corrupted too easily for that. But maybe this time will be different.

I enjoy making Sims from time to time and I’ll be releasing them along with their individual short stories here when I can and or when the inspiration strikes. I’ll make one at least once every two weeks, as I do like making small stories for Sims even if I don’t intend to play them. I’d also love it if you sent me screenshots and links of you using them as I’d like to see where they go with their Sim lives. A good Sim is sort of like meeting a best friend for the first time and you know you’re just about to experience a lot of things you’ll never forget.

I love building, I love buildings with stories that look like someone could live there. I love replicating places I’ve loved, and places I want to live. Just like Sims are a story of sorts, so are Houses. The way they flow, the colors, the items, and view all tell a story. I’m not as good as I want to be, but hopefully I will one day. Currently working on a Willow Creek Academy project that is themed to sort of look like the school in K-On. I’m unsure of when it will be done, the first floor is more or less completed. Just two more to go.

I think that’s about all… I’ll do my best to keep up with this blog. It’s a nice distraction from real life and I just love the Sims 4 so much. It is only going to yet better and the stories are only going to get deeper.

Happy Simming,
– Muse (Laura)


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