Marron glacé

I was so exhausted from the pregnancy lately, so Jeremy would sleep over whenever he could, his brother was oft times busy with a new girlfriend so I guess he felt a bit more at home here? He’d hold my hand or rub my belly as his soft dulcet voice sang me to sleep. It brought back so many pleasant memories of falling asleep with my head on my mother’s lap as the rest of the tribe sang or talked late into the night. Once I even heard him whisper, “I love you,” just as I slipped into sleep’s embrace.

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Willow Creek Academy (Complete)

I used the shape and inspiration for some of the architectural choices from the hit anime, K-On, as the school used in that anime was actually based on a real school in Japan. The school has since closed, but hard-core fans of the series make a ‘pilgrimage’ there as it feels a lot like walking through the anime. It’s a really neat tourist stop for those who visit.

Anyway, finished the first floor today, I’ll probably be making more tweaks, as I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it’s for all intents and purposes finished.

Hashtags: #school #skills #legacy #capturedmuse


  • 2 bathrooms
  • Gym + showers
  • main hallway
  • Lunch room
  • 2 classrooms
  • Library
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Art Room
  • Music Room
  • Alternative Studies area
  • Telescope!


09-24-14_2-36 AM

View through the front doors when closed

09-24-14_2-38 AM

A view of one of the classrooms through a window, the other classroom is more science-y

09-24-14_2-39 AM

Cafeteria, there is a coffee maker, and a cupcake maker, I think. I love the menu item. Lots of windows too.

09-24-14_2-40 AM

the inside Gym, behind those red doors are showers! There is a large mirror and a chair in there as well.

Periwinkle Pain

Catori’s Point-of-View

I was so excited I could hardly stay still as I road the trolley down to the park. Jeremy, my non-dad dad, had called me and I asked him if we could go to the park. He said yes! I’ve never been able to spend time with him as just the two of us, and since mom was wrapped up at an art thing it seemed like a great idea.

Catching sight of Jeremy I quickly ran towards his direction.

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Alabaster Raindrops

Jeremy stopped by, he’d been exceedingly busy with work, and planning his new album release since he composed all his songs and wrote the lyrics. I will never admit that I’m a fan of his stuff, as I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to get his head out the door afterwards.

“I’m dedicating a song in it to Cat.” He said, carefully watching my face to see my expression.

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Cerulean Dreams

Jeremy coughed lightly before rolling over and placing a small kiss on the side of my neck. “Morning.” His morning voice should be illegal. I merely groaned and rolled onto my stomach and he laughed before slapping my rump and rolling out of the bed. “I’m going to order some pizza.” And he headed out of my small room and into the everything else room.

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Alice Chesterfield

How to find her?
Origin ID: capturedmuse

Alice is a reboot sim from my Sims 3 legacy story days. I was absolutely in love with her and her family but didn’t have the heart to start again after the save corrupted and I couldn’t get the thing to work again. I learned a lot about what it like writing, and while her tale was exceedingly bloody and filled with misery, I enjoyed every second of it.

Alice moved to Riverview to move onto the abandoned land she heard about all her life, the site of the Chesterfield Manor. Sadly it was completely destroyed aside from the servant quarter basement.

Her family was riddled with mysteries and tragedy, and as Alice encounters many strange characters (some more benevolent than others) she begins to remember a lot of things about her past. And it is darker than she ever could have imagined.

She soon finds herself a pawn in a game that spans across generations and countries.

What will happen when the dead won’t stay dead? Is anyone what they seem to be? And will you manage to protect your children from the Chesterfield curse?

The Chesterfield Legacy: Bones in the Closet.