Ramblings in Russet Hue

The loud wail of my phone alarm sent me sprawling to the floor. A small groan escapes my lips and I sigh, stiff and still tired. 4:30 am, the numbers practically blinded me considering how dark it was within my pueblo, I couldn’t afford much, so running electricity and water right now were out of the option.

I was going to head out to the ‘office’, as it were for work, typical entry work, though I am sure I’ll progress quickly enough at some point. Cow Plant O’s Yumm.

I had purchased some seeds earlier that will need to be planted… Not to mention get a few simple commissions out of the way. My day job was in no way going to pay the bills, the main thing I was getting out of it was connections and industry know how.

I sighed and thought on the stories my mother used to tell me about her art. She made pottery, and she would simply walk around and gather the natural colors of the world around her as inspiration.

Totally doable. Work, eat, find places to bathe, and work on work.

I set my bowl down on the floor with a soft clink, the only noise in the silence of my sanctuary. I glance at the painting I placed on the wall, it was my first piece of art, a humble beginning. But one has to always remember where they came from.

Checking my SimArt account I pull up the latest notification, a nice sized painting with a nice nature ambiance with a twist. I envision the painting and next thing I know I’m working away with a light but dull palette, I’ve always loved natural tones.

Balance. Depth. I bite my bottom lip as I complete a firm stroke, it went slightly off kilter due to the sudden honking outside. I yell out in frustration and slam my brush down, inspiration lost. I’ll have to see if I can complete it after work.

I pick up a small stone on my way to the car and slip it into my pocket, the sun-warmed object rubbing against my thigh as I close my eyes and listen to the wind.

There’s so much I want to paint. And so much improvement to make. My nose wrinkles a bit, and a bath wouldn’t hurt either.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings in Russet Hue

  1. Such a poignant chapter! I love this idea that there is so much beauty and art and room for improvement…yet something nothing needs to be improved upon, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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