Alice Chesterfield

How to find her?
Origin ID: capturedmuse

Alice is a reboot sim from my Sims 3 legacy story days. I was absolutely in love with her and her family but didn’t have the heart to start again after the save corrupted and I couldn’t get the thing to work again. I learned a lot about what it like writing, and while her tale was exceedingly bloody and filled with misery, I enjoyed every second of it.

Alice moved to Riverview to move onto the abandoned land she heard about all her life, the site of the Chesterfield Manor. Sadly it was completely destroyed aside from the servant quarter basement.

Her family was riddled with mysteries and tragedy, and as Alice encounters many strange characters (some more benevolent than others) she begins to remember a lot of things about her past. And it is darker than she ever could have imagined.

She soon finds herself a pawn in a game that spans across generations and countries.

What will happen when the dead won’t stay dead? Is anyone what they seem to be? And will you manage to protect your children from the Chesterfield curse?

The Chesterfield Legacy: Bones in the Closet.


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