Sanguine Secrets

I spent the day tidying up the house, it hadn’t felt this clean since before I had kids, but then again it had only been one room at that point. I hummed softly to myself as I adjusted a few paintings on the wall, though a firm slam of the front door sent them back to their original off-kilter position. I sighed softly and watched Catori throw her school bag on the ground.

“Ughhhh! I HATE school!” Catori’s voice, while blusterous, had an undeniable quiver of sadness to it.

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Life is like Salsa

Being a mother of two energetic girls has been an experience, to put it mildly. ┬áIt often felt like I was repairing and cleaning in the wake of a tornado. Not that I fault them, they are old enough to do many chores, they always do the ones they can. I can’t remember the last time I had to do the dishes. I suppose it was a trade off since I feel like I’m unclogging the toilet every day. It was when I’d be scrubbing the toilet that I’d often find myself thinking about Jeremy, everything around him was pretty hush, hush, but he did make sure to text the girls at least once a day. His calls to me were much like a lifeline for both of us. I love my girls, but there are just a lot of things I’d rather not talk to them about.

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