Life is like Salsa

Being a mother of two energetic girls has been an experience, to put it mildly.  It often felt like I was repairing and cleaning in the wake of a tornado. Not that I fault them, they are old enough to do many chores, they always do the ones they can. I can’t remember the last time I had to do the dishes. I suppose it was a trade off since I feel like I’m unclogging the toilet every day. It was when I’d be scrubbing the toilet that I’d often find myself thinking about Jeremy, everything around him was pretty hush, hush, but he did make sure to text the girls at least once a day. His calls to me were much like a lifeline for both of us. I love my girls, but there are just a lot of things I’d rather not talk to them about.

Both girls are doing well in school. Even though they are voracious readers in their own right, we still settle down to read together every now and again. I found it a nice break from my art and often picked out books about nature and history. If it were up to Catori and Una, I’d be reading them folk stories and myths. So we would compromise. I’d often tell them about some of the mythology centered around nature so they would remember the importance of the Earth and the role it plays. Whether it sticks or not is another story. Time will tell, I suppose.  Though they both ended up signed up for a Museum club where they learned a lot about minerals and animals I think. I haven’t visited it yet, but it’s a Natural History and Wildlife Museum, perhaps it’d be worth a trip to let them teach me.

Jeremy dropped by as a surprise this week, he was working so hard and I have to say I’m rather proud of him. He looks like such an adult now with his tailored jacket and hair cut. We didn’t see him often but he seemed different but the same or at least his piercings have stayed the same. The way he spoke was still passionate. His voice was still beautiful. Yet there were signs of stress as well, wrinkles, and a sense of weariness in his posture. I’d make him small herbal pouches for his health and pray that he’d make it through that day, and the next. The girls would greet him with pictures and stories of their week, eagerly showing off what they learned and their grades. He always toughed it out and gave them 110% in terms of energy, the second they went to bed however, he’d collapse in my arms and fall into a lackluster sleep. My heart often went out to him… but legally he couldn’t discuss the specifics of what he was working on right now.

Catori and Una were the best of friends, it was almost as if their age difference was non-existent at times. Though Catori was often getting in trouble for beating up other Sims who made disparaging remarks about Little Lamb’s body shape. They were both very active and energetic, I do worry a bit for Una, I hope she doesn’t get too down on herself for not seeing results for all the working out she did. Luckily, Catori was always there to cheer her sister up and keep her in good spirits.

They’re just too precious. They study together, eat together, play together. It’ll be a shame when Catori has to head off to high school, though I suppose it’d give them both a chance to develop their personalities a bit more as they were basically two-peas in a pod.

“Goooood Evening!” a cheery female voice called out, I twirled my paintbrush in my hand and absent-mindedly carried it with me as I walked over to the road to see who was yelling.

“Good evening, may I help you?” I asked, a stylish woman stood before me and I blinked for a moment until I noticed the man to her side. “Brandon! You haven’t changed a smidge, how are you?” I said happily, I quickly gave him a big hug and looked at the woman with renewed interest. I hadn’t seen him since he had been helping do construction in preparation for Una’s birth.

“S’up!” he responded in a mellow voice, it had gotten a little deeper now that he was a full adult, but for the most part he looked a lot like what I’d imagine Jeremy would look like if things had been different. “This is my girlfriend. We’re just dropping by because we wanted to ask if you were throwing a party for Catori? We ah.. well I’ll let her say it…” he said after noticing his girlfriend fidgeting with excitement.

“Oh, yay! Okay, I’m so excited. So basically I’m Anna, and I  teach music at a lovely little school called the, ‘Simarican Academy of Fine Arts’, we recently opened a branch here and even though we only take ten to twenty students per year. I think your daughter would be a great candidate based on what I hear from Jeremy, not to mention your art… I’m actually a huge fan of your art, so I begged Brandon to bring me with him or I’d break up with him.” she somehow managed to get all that out in one breath. I looked at Brandon with a mixture awe and fear.

“Well then, I will certainly talk to Catori about it. If she decides that’s what she wants to do, then that’s alright by me, though… hrm, I have been saving up, hopefully we can afford it…” I said carefully.

“Oh, no, no, no, the reason why people are candidates and we have such a rigorous entrance process is because there is no tuition. The country needs more innovative and groundbreaking artists. Like yourself.” Anna quickly added.

Let’s just say, I’m impressed. Oh, and flattered. Clearly.

“Alright, so… we have a lot of super important things to discuss ladies.” Una said in her most grown-up voice. “The cake. What flavor will the cake be for Cat’s birthday? Our family’s honor is riding on this! Don’t put dishonor on our cow!” She’d been watching wayyy too much Mulan, Mushu was her spirit animal, according to her.

“Ummm… Strawberry? Maybe?” Catori said slowly, she looked at me worriedly, “Can you even cook that?” I made a face of mock offense before waving a hand.

“Naturally!” I retorted. I made a mental note to myself to read a few cookbooks and to make a panicked call to my uncle.


The Big Day

“Oh, ho, ho…” I chuckled to myself, impressed. “Only took twenty-three tries.” The strawberry cake had come out perfectly, eventually. I spent a lot of time getting the icing right, but in the end, I was pleased. Cooking was not my forte, nor would it ever be. Hopefully one of my daughters will fill my very unimpressive shoes one day.

“Everyone gather around… the big moment is here!” Una called out, she had a thing for dramatics. I merely put my all into being the best and only official bazooka player the Whitefeather family would ever see.

“I wish my dad will be here for my birthday.” Catori whispered and blew out the candles, and then the magic started.

And, Catori turned out to be beautiful, I think she blinded Una with her radiance.

Or so I thought until Una hit her sister in the face with a lot of streamers and confetti. I see someone is going to have to have an eye safety talk this evening. It took a while to get all the extra bits off the cake, but no harm done.

“Sister, you’re soooooo pretty… holy cow plants!” Una yelled.

“Happy birthday, Catori.” Ana said with a rather large smile on her face. “Your uncle and I have a gift for you… I’m going to be sponsoring you as a candidate to the Simiracan Academy of Fine Arts!”

“We’ll just need a submission piece and then you’ll be all ready to go!.” Ana added as Catori released a happy squeal.

“NO WAY! Get out, really?” she was fanning her face and trying to not cry.

“Ah, looks like your other present is here…” I said, once I saw Brandon walking up to the outer gate.

“What? Where?” Catori asked and turned around and saw her Uncle. He gave her a small hug.

“You’ll see. But first can you tidy up your spot so your Uncle can sit down and eat some of my poison cake?” I said with a gentle smile. She drew her eyebrows together but nodded and made her way into the house.

“SWEET MOTHER NATURE!” we all heard Catori scream in the house, not that it was hard considering how small the pueblo was but it was still rather impressive.

“I think she found her present.” I said with a knowing grin to everyone seated.



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  1. Ok…this chapter makes sense now that I read it again in the proper order lol. I read the previous one first. Can’t wait to see what this present is! I have a few guesses.

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