An Update

My health deteriorated bit by bit in November and December I fell rather ill. I am pretty much all caught up with my other projects for other groups, games, and communities so I am looking forward to finishing up this Generation and move onto the next.

The new Pack is fantastic and adds a lot of things I’m interested in incorporating to the story.

In other news, I’m starting to go through all the posts and make many much needed edits and changes so it is easier to read. So if things read slightly different than you remember that may be it!

Next, I managed to complete most of my builds for Oasis Springs that needed to be done for the story. Well, I didn’t NEED them, but I wanted to and felt it would assist me substantially in story telling.

Also, I’ll try to have the next chapter completed soon and posted as the pictures have been done since November and it is just waiting for me to add some final touches and the tie in to the Finale.

Finally, thank you to the people who continued to read and check up on the Whitefeathers during my absence, it was very heart-warming.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @GrapeINvader or just poke me on the Sims forums, where I go by capturedmuse.

Happy New Year!
– Laura


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