What’s Next Wednesday! 

Every Wednesday or so I’ll blog a full update as to what I’m working on and what I plan to be doing related to this blog and the Sims 4 writing community.

First up, I have the last two chapters all planned out for the most part based on what needs to be covered. I’m going to have to cut out a lot, but I might make a small mini series to explain what went on in the gap as it is important for the characters but not the Whitefeather Legacy as a whole. It’s taken a lot of arguing in my head to come up with this compromise. I know I’ll have a blast writing it, but I didn’t want to shift too far away from the essence of the story.

Next up, I made a Simblr! You can find me if you search #4thmuse and or #capturedmuse, I think. I’ll toss a link here at some point. That’s where I’ll just keep all my not really important sim updates, thoughts, tips, and tricks listed as I work through them and experiment.

Third, I’m working on a write up for a Challenge! I’ll be asking for lots of opinions and advice before the end of the week when I post it.

Fourth, I am planning on doing a let’s play for the Sims 4 ISBI challenge by Lynwood. I know, I know, I say this all the time. But really, I’m going to do it this time!

Finally, my Twitch.tv has passed one of my benchmarks and I am offering to personally make a home just for you and your sims! So make sure to follow me on twitch.tv/microsoftsally. I try to stream between 8 am and 10 am. It should usually be the Sims in the morning.

Thanks for your attention! I have a handful of other things on the back burner that are waiting to be revealed, much like Catori’s present. If you manage to get close to guessing it I will give your Sim Legacy and or story a huge shoutout on all my social media to express my love. ❤

– Laura / Muse


The Cat

As soon as we get pets I’m going to do a whole story about a cat from a cat’s perspective. Totally decided.  
And now for the pictures. From adoption when she was 4 months as of November 10th 2014 to now. 🙂 enjoy. 

Oh, and her name is Mi’ien which is a play on one of the Summoner’s names in FFX.