8bit Heart – Chapter 1: Diversity

Avery Silas smiled slightly as her brown-rimmed glasses slid down a slim nose, eyes going over a formal looking email again and again. She may have looked like she belonged in high school with her wraith-like frame but she was actually 20 and already out of university with a degree in Genetic Engineering. Needless to say, any mistakes regarding her Genius caused her temper to flare brighter than her red hair.

“Well?” Chester Silas asked, curious as to the email’s contents that had his daughter so enthralled. Her lips twitched before forming into an even larger smile and she quickly gave her chair a spink before carefully speaking.

“Success. I’m in.” Avery’s voice was measured tenor that held a slightly analytical edge to it. “They want me to head to Oasis Springs to begin shooting the first episode of Gamer Battle Royale by the end of the week. This… just wow. You know?” She looked at Chester with her eyes sparkling. “I want to show all those little girls out there that they can be gamers too and kick butt and—”

“Andddd I’m not going to see in random clips of my baby girl scantily dressed and kissing up on some weirdo on national television, am I?” Her father asked in a grumbly voice. Avery’s face scrunched up in disgust.

“Dad… seriously…” she shuddered briefly before turning back to her computer screen, “You’re going to give me nightmares. Just. Ew.” He laughed before giving her a rough pat on the back.

“Make sure to get all packed and don’t forget anything. There is no way I’m driving all the way to Oasis Springs if you forget a razor or some such.” Avery merely rolled her eyes at her father’s teasing. The sound of her fingers racing across the keyboard as she typed out her response was soothing, she’d basically grown up on this thing. It’s too bad she wasn’t going to be able to take it with her.

08-17-15_6-06 PM

By the time Avery was dropped off in front of the Gaming House it was early Friday afternoon. There were a handful of technicians around moving cords, setting up mics and cameras, it was a lot like watching a bunch of ants. A man with a clipboard quickly sauntered over to her, “Avery, yes?” he asked in a tidy tone that reminded her of a telephone operator. She gave him a nod and he quickly motioned for her to follow. “Have a seat on the couch, the Producer will be giving a briefing and answering any questions you may have.”

As she carefully sank into the only open seat she nervously glanced at the other three gentlemen in the room and tried to make eye-contact with the clipboard man. “And you are?” she asked softly, acutely aware of the sizing up she was getting.

“Call me Joe.” he said, “And here are your files.” He dumped a folder in her lap and she quickly scanned the information, everyone was listed.

The dark-skinned male was named Joseph Stevens, he’d won a few LAN tournaments and already had a bunch of fans due to his SimTube clips of him gaming and showing off his more mischievous side showing he had talent and charisma. He was a classic choice for these sorts of things, smart, creative, and knew how to sell himself.

Next up was Kenji Yamada, an impressive gamer from overseas that competed internationally in strategic games; a specialist. Not only that but he appeared to be retired from the professional gaming scene in Shang Simla to pursue creative interests. Perhaps this would be the big break he needed to get the final notch in his gaming career?

Then Andre DaSilva, he used to play on a professional MOBA team before a rather big blow out happened and he quit his team. He was known for being a bit childish but extremely smart and quick on the uptake. It was rumored that he could play any game at a professional level after playing it for an hour, which is why he got bored so easily. Avery eyed him speculatively, but maybe there were more to the rumors than she could deduce right now.

And lastly, Avery Silas, game enthusiast and hobbyist designer. As she scanned over the notes they had listed on her the polite smile dropped from her mouth and her face got a bit red. Right there in black and white it read ‘the only female that applied and they wanted to diversify the cast’.

08-17-15_6-07 PM

Releasing a small sigh Avery methodically tore that particular page up. The males looked at one another then back at her. “Blic Bloc right?” she asked, inquiring as to the game they’d be playing for the first episode. A faint nod was the only reply she got. Initially she had planned to get to know everyone and learn everything she could from them but this… this was war. They might not know it just yet, but she was going to destroy every single one of them.

She was going to give them something to diversify, and they weren’t going to like it.


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