What’s Next Wednesday! 

Every Wednesday or so I’ll blog a full update as to what I’m working on and what I plan to be doing related to this blog and the Sims 4 writing community.

First up, I have the last two chapters all planned out for the most part based on what needs to be covered. I’m going to have to cut out a lot, but I might make a small mini series to explain what went on in the gap as it is important for the characters but not the Whitefeather Legacy as a whole. It’s taken a lot of arguing in my head to come up with this compromise. I know I’ll have a blast writing it, but I didn’t want to shift too far away from the essence of the story.

Next up, I made a Simblr! You can find me if you search #4thmuse and or #capturedmuse, I think. I’ll toss a link here at some point. That’s where I’ll just keep all my not really important sim updates, thoughts, tips, and tricks listed as I work through them and experiment.

Third, I’m working on a write up for a Challenge! I’ll be asking for lots of opinions and advice before the end of the week when I post it.

Fourth, I am planning on doing a let’s play for the Sims 4 ISBI challenge by Lynwood. I know, I know, I say this all the time. But really, I’m going to do it this time!

Finally, my Twitch.tv has passed one of my benchmarks and I am offering to personally make a home just for you and your sims! So make sure to follow me on twitch.tv/microsoftsally. I try to stream between 8 am and 10 am. It should usually be the Sims in the morning.

Thanks for your attention! I have a handful of other things on the back burner that are waiting to be revealed, much like Catori’s present. If you manage to get close to guessing it I will give your Sim Legacy and or story a huge shoutout on all my social media to express my love. ❤

– Laura / Muse


The Cat

As soon as we get pets I’m going to do a whole story about a cat from a cat’s perspective. Totally decided.  
And now for the pictures. From adoption when she was 4 months as of November 10th 2014 to now. 🙂 enjoy. 

Oh, and her name is Mi’ien which is a play on one of the Summoner’s names in FFX. 


An Update

My health deteriorated bit by bit in November and December I fell rather ill. I am pretty much all caught up with my other projects for other groups, games, and communities so I am looking forward to finishing up this Generation and move onto the next.

The new Pack is fantastic and adds a lot of things I’m interested in incorporating to the story.

In other news, I’m starting to go through all the posts and make many much needed edits and changes so it is easier to read. So if things read slightly different than you remember that may be it!

Next, I managed to complete most of my builds for Oasis Springs that needed to be done for the story. Well, I didn’t NEED them, but I wanted to and felt it would assist me substantially in story telling.

Also, I’ll try to have the next chapter completed soon and posted as the pictures have been done since November and it is just waiting for me to add some final touches and the tie in to the Finale.

Finally, thank you to the people who continued to read and check up on the Whitefeathers during my absence, it was very heart-warming.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @GrapeINvader or just poke me on the Sims forums, where I go by capturedmuse.

Happy New Year!
– Laura