Search the Gallery and find posts hashtagged with capturedmuse. OR JUST CLICK THE GALLERY LINK.

I’ll make posts for each of them with their backstories for your enjoyment. I’m unsure how long or short the backstories will be, but I think they’ll help you get more attached to them and their personalities.

I’ll be adding picture of them at a later time.

Alice Chesterfield – Created my first Sims 3 Legacy founder in the Sims 4.

Emelia Clarke – Daenerys version.

Leslie Jones – My Simself

Sun Kwon – A creation that is a reimagining of a character I roleplayed.

Jennifer and Kent Lewis – Siblings that I use to test out lots.

Trio – The first Household I made, with a couple of character’s I’ve roleplayed. I adjusted Sun Kwon (a little) when I put her by herself.

Hania Whitefeather – Current Legacy Founder!


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