Whitefeather Legacy


Matriarchy – Only females can lead the family in respect to Mother Earth. Just as the Earth gave birth to Sims so will the Whitefeather matron give birth to a respectable people.

Traditional – While the tribe is important, blood runs thick and it is integral to keep the Cha’tima tribe traditions and ways alive. Exceptions happen however.

Exemplar – The heiress will be chosen by her ability to exemplify the best of the Cha’tima tribe and Native Simmericans as a whole. They must love the earth, be of the earth, and one day return to the womb of the Great Mother.

GENERATION [ONE] – The Spirit of the Earth

Prologue: For the beauty of the Earth
Chapter 1: Ramblings in Russet Hue
Chapter 2: Verdant Growth
Chapter 3: Cerulean Dreams
Chapter 4: Alabaster Raindrops
Chapter 5: Periwinkle Pain
Chapter 6: Marron Glacé
Chapter 7: Sanguine Secrets
Chapter 8: Life is like Salsa
Chapter 9: Painting by Number
G1 Finale:  A Desert Bloom

Founder: Hania Whitefeather (Loves the Outdoors, Creative, Perfectionist, Mentor, Collector) LTW: Freelance Botanist
Heiress: Catori Whitefeather (Loves the Outdoors, Creative, Muser) LTW: Painter Extraordinaire
→ Second Child: Una Whitefeather (Self-Assured) LTW: Whiz Kid
—→ Father: Jeremy Boyd (Music Lover, Genius, Self-Assured) Creation and Backstory by: NyawMyaw


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